These prints always look better framed, but if you don't have the budget for custom built frames, here are a few affordable options to choose from!

NOTE: Please please please do not use IKEA for your A3 Prints. They are slightly smaller than A3, which causes some of the print to be cut off on the top and the bottom. My tip is Spotlight. They make good quality frames, used Glass instead of Plexiglass, and usually have a buy 2 get the 3rd frame free deal on. 

A4 Frames:

French Knot (Posted from Sydney) - $10.95 Click Here

Spotlight - $19.95 Click Here 

A3 Frames:

French Knot (Posted From Sydney) - $19.95 Click Here

Spotlight - $24.95 Click Here

A2 Frames:

Ive really struggled to find good value off the shelf A2 Frames. You can sometimes pick them up from $2 Shops, but i would recommend getting it framed professionally if you chose this size of print.